Techno E-bike

Welcome to Techno e-Bikes

TECHNO E-Bikes offers you a wide range of superior e-bikes designed in Canada. Whether you’re looking for a City, Foldable or Fat bike, we’ll have the perfect bike tailored to your needs. 

With so many eBike companies popping up throughout Canada, it may be confusing to choose which one is right for you. What sets us apart is that here at TECHNO E-bikes, we always put our customers first. But of course, we spend countless hours in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high quality ebikes for our customers. Here are couple reasons why our customers choose TECHNO E-Bikes.

Premium Build Quality
We take pride in having rigorous quality control processes to offer a 95% built bike out of the box with unmatched build quality.

Quality Motor
Bafang, one of the industry leading global manufacturers of edrive systems, is our motor of choice on our bikes. 

Premium Battery
Samsung batteries are fitted on our eBikes and offer unsurpassed durability, reliability, and longevity needed to power eBikes.

Configurable Top Speed
Have the freedom to unlock your top speed to experience the full power of the motor. Simply adjust the top speed in the settings.