• Truck Wheel Alignment - Complete Version
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Wheel alignment system for trucks and buses. Unit complete with new cabinet, computer control system, sensors and all accessories required for alignment operations.

• Lithium Batteries for long durability immune to memory effect
• Radio communication 2,4 GHz for stable and reliable communication with 7 different channels
• MEMS Accelerometer. It measures the sensor inclinations according to the two main axles (caster and camber). Sensors are not sensitive to shocks.
• Dedicated electronics the system features an industrial type computer, Windows based, solid state SSD Sata, USB interface with Direct Shut-Down technology.
• User-friendly Software , entirely developed by CEMB, guides the user through all the alignment operations. AUDIT, function for the identification of driving problems.
• App for remote control, Wheel alignment App is the free App that enables the replication on your smartphone or tablet of the wheel alignment monitor, acting as remote control to operate on the machine software.


Shipping Dimensions 60" x 48" x 48"